A Scottish Biomedical is a client focused molecular research and discovery company.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions to their lab research and discovery needs.

We deliver:

  1. validated targets

  2. hits to leads

  3. potential therapeutics

Our recently expanded facilities provide state-of-the-art drug discovery laboratories. With this additional capacity linked to our key skills and competencies Scottish Biomedical is ideally positioned to deliver any size or design of drug research and discovery project.

We employ 20 staff on a full-time basis - over 70% of whom have PhDs. In addition, through our university based activities, we also employ almost 35 researchers in various milestone driven research and discovery projects.

Recognising the individual requirements of our clients we create unique, innovative drug research and discovery projects, taking into account all aspects of a successful programme - from innovative science, first-class personnel, fully equipped modern facilities, and of course, sound management. 

This is exemplified by the 3 projects below.

Kyva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Glyko Company Ltd

Mitsubishi Corporation

In recognition of our success in winning overseas business, we were awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2021.

We design solutions to our clients biotech research & discovery needs - utilising the best people and tools to effectively deliver on our clients' projects.


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Creating places that enhance the human experience.

We always put people and nature at the center of our projects.
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Building at biomedical requirements of our clients - and this allows us to create and deliver unique, innovative drug research and discovery projects. These projects take into account all aspects of a successful programme - from innovative science, applicable resources, first-class personnel and, of course, sound project management.

Allergy and Inflammation

Respiratory Diseases



Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

Cardiovascular Diseases

Female Health

Male Health


Gastrointestinal Diseases

Rather than focusing on a particular therapeutic sector, we focus on the skills and expertise required for all areas of preclinical research and development.

Our expertise and productivity encompasses:

Molecular Biology

Genomics and Proteomics

Target Validation

Our own Lead Generation Libraries

Automated Screening

Drug Discovery

Cell Biology

In vitro and ex vivo models



Medicinal Chemistry


The list opposite gives a selection of therapeutic areas in which we have an interest and expertise, although this is by no means exhaustive. It serves as a basis for discussion in the design of modular client-driven projects.

Some of our clients contract us to undertake whole preclinical research projects, others utilise our services in specific ad hoc areas.

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