AffiVET® Brucellosis Antibody Elisa Kit For Bovine, Sheep, Pig And Dog Etc.

The Brucellosis antibody ELISA kit is used to test Brucellosis antibody in serum of bovine, goat, sheep, pig and dog etc.

This kit use competitive ELISA method, Brucellosis antigen is pre-coated on enzyme micro-well strips. When testing, add diluted serum sample, after incubation, if there is Brucellosis specific antibody, it will combine with the pre-coated antigen, discard the uncombined antibody and other components with washing; then add enzyme labled anti-Brucellosis virus monoclonal antibody, antibody in sample block the combination of monoclonal antibody and pre-coated antigen; discard the uncombined enzyme conjugate with washing; Add TMB substrate in micro-wells, the blue signal by Enzyme catalysis is in inverse proportion of antibody content in sample, use ELISA reader at 450nm wavelenth to measure the absorbance A value in reaction wells after adding stop solution to stop the reaction.

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